Bluebolt Studio

builders of creative learning and digital media products that help people make right choices and do the right things

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Bluebolt Studio

builders of creative learning and digital media products that help people make right choices and do the right things

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Solving problems, improving workflow, creating options

To realise opportunities, fix drops in performance or solve business problems, there’s often a solution element requiring people to do something different or improve on what they already do.  We encourage our customers to consider bringing us in early, so we can do some analysis, evaluate assumptions, and work together to create the right solutions.


Design and build

Effective learning changes behaviour and develops capability. In designing training courses, we carefully filter training needs from information needs, concentrating on what people need to ‘do’ to be successful. Then we design a learning solution blend, to focus on the actions that make a person successful in their role. Oh, we don’t forget about the information, there’s just a better place for that to go.


Create digital job aids and guides that show people how to do the right things

Sometimes, the best solutions are the most simple. Like a reference tool, guide or set of micro videos that support actions and decision making on the job. Guiding your people to consistently deliver the services, products and agreed outcomes promised to customers and stakeholders.


Movies, graphics, UI, photos, 3D scenes, walkthroughs, renderings

A movie is worth a million words. We’re not sure who originally said this but it generally seems true in our experience. So, we make simple movies, and micro videos. Record presentations and workshops for publishing to in-house networks, design graphics, shoot photos, create 3D scenes and renderings. All to support effective communication, learning and job performance.



Words need to come together in the right style for the audience and the medium. We write for the web, your intranet, screenplays for the videos we produce, scenarios for training courses, job aids, user guides, procedures, manuals and assessments. Did we miss anything?


Joining your crew

We’d be pleased to become a virtual team member and join in with your crew for a while. Just to help out with capacity or bring something new to your next project.


Yes, we design presentations in Powerpoint and Keynote to bring your messages to life.

Our Work

Digital learning strategy and delivery solutions

Digital learning and job performance solution diversity is increasing. 

We’ll be exploring some of the complexity in this and considering instructional and digital design approaches, and delivery platforms, that support real world job performance.

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Online compliance training doesn’t have to be boring or seem disconnected from real work.

This challenge-response-consequence design used realistic workplace contexts and scenarios to make safety induction training relevant and meaningful.

App prototype

During the discovery and analysis phase of this course development project, some new thinking began to form.  

What if the right learning and job performance support could be embedded into a new app that would replace the simple data capture device used by field inspection teams? 

Interactive job aid supporting workplace performance

This interactive, animated reference tool supported learning and job performance in a plant operations context. 

Embedding experience into a job aid

A simple job aid, produced by capturing experience through interviews with subject matter experts and blending this with technical reference material, then optimising it for operations teams running complex plant and equipment.

The techniques used in production can easily be applied to another significant business issue;  capturing knowledge and experience from the soon-to-be-retiring aging workforce.

About Us

Hi! I’m Peter, the founder of Bluebolt Studio Ltd. We build elegant and purposeful digital media and learning solutions that strengthen decision making, communication and job performance.

My technology background, that began in the aviation industry as an avionics engineer, showed me the best problem solvers applied both logic and creativity. At Bluebolt Studio,  this creativity is blended with engaging UI design and a solid infusion of adult learning principles.

My experience helps us make sense of process, systems and complexity. Seeing the big picture, but comfortable working out the details that bring success. We often require less time commitment from subject matter experts because of this, and our pragmatic approach is valued by those we have worked alongside.

We love to create learning solutions, business and technical communication and presentation pieces, job support aids, and other digital products that help people make good decisions and do the right things.

We enjoy sharing our skills and experience with our customers and friends, helping them deliver authentic outcomes that reflect their culture and deliver on their objectives.

Bluebolt Studio Ltd

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Bluebolt Studio

building creative learning and digital media products that help people make right choices and do the right things