Digital Job Aid

A digital job aid was selected as the best solution in this situation because this plant installation was a standby system, which only operated in specific situations.  This type of infrequent use made it more difficult for plant operations teams to maintain their capability.

We worked with the commissioning technicians and in-house employees during the final phase of the build. Discovering, questioning and recording their answers and comments to understand and map out plant function.

From this, a digital plant operations guide was developed.  Key aspects of this work were:

  • Writing, chunking, sequencing, structuring and focussing the content to make it relevant and practical for plant operations.
  • Making it visual by using  photo references of the installation and adding animated overlays of gas and fluid flow paths, along with labelling important items and their “set” or “alarm” points where this was important.
  • Lastly, adding a narrative audio track to describe the operation of important sub systems and components. This was synchronised to the animated flow paths.

This job aid supports the operations team. It helps in the recall of functional aspects of the plant and provides a reference tool for new trainees as they work towards achieving their qualifications.

An important element of any learning resource or job aid is categorising the content and sequencing it so that it makes sense for the people doing the work.

Gas and fluid flow paths were animated as overlays onto pipework and sub systems of the installation.

Important ‘set’ points, ‘alarm’ sensors or operating parameters were displayed where this was relevant.