Bluebolt Studio

Digital learning experience design and elearning development that helps people make right choices and do the right things.

what we do

Digital Learning

(online learning or eLearning)
Effective, motivating, contextually relevant

Micro Learning

Short, targeted digital learning experiences that maintain job performance,
refresh skills, or deliver a
spaced learning programme.

Performance Support

Action oriented, digital task and decision support guides that drive productivity by helping people make right choices.

Effective digital learning requires more than just words and pictures on a screen.

It needs a clear sense of designed purpose and strong connection to what happens in the workplace.

It’s about delivering authentic experiences that drive engagement, motivate learning and change behaviour.

Our Work

Compliance training assessment where a worker is prompted to decide how to respond to an oil spill

Health, Safety and
Compliance Training

Compliance training should be engaging and contextually relevant.  It’s there to help people work safely, and follow the rules and best practice guidelines for doing the right things if a problem or emergency occurs.

This visual design engaged and motivated participants by providing realistic workplace contexts, and consequences of decisions and actions.


Elearning scenario screenshot of a series questions as part of a health and safety incident investigation

Learning from Incidents and Experiences

This concept demo enabled individuals to learn  from workplace safety incidents occurring within their industry segment.

Participants experience the consequences of individual action and inaction as they work through a virtual incident investigation scenario.  Attitudes and work habits promoting safe working practices are discovered and learned throughout the journey.

Pre-Operation Inspection

This animation was developed as part of a longer movie sequence, demonstrating how to carry out a pre-operation inspection on a forklift.

Visual operations guides like this can easily be built into a library of micro-learning styled resources to support decision making and job performance.  They’re also a great reference  resource for new team members and trainees.

3D model of a hydro dam as featured in a training course

Modelling and Graphics

Simplified 3D model of a concrete gravity dam, created to provide valid context in supporting part of a course assessment.


Digital elearning interaction where the learner has to recognise and identify fault conditions within a real world context

Challenge Assessment

This assessment activity accurately reflects conditions at the worksite and the performance requirement for those working there.

Main menu screen of a digital performance support resource for industrial plant operations and maintenance

Workflow and Decision Support Guide

Sample sub-menu from an online industrial plant operations guide and performance support resource.

Bluebolt lighbulb and rocket signifying ideas, innovation and creativity


Our customers sometimes comment on what they valued about working with us.

For some, it’s about how we apply our experience in bringing clarity to process, systems and complexity, then blending this with a strong sense of instructional and visual design.  Seeing the big picture, but comfortable working out the details that bring success.

For others, it’s been the way we’ve created much of the content for a project, including movies and graphics.  All with minimal effort from their subject matter experts.  Often, this has reduced the time commitment from these people; lowering internal costs and sometimes bringing a project to completion more quickly.

Our pragmatic and agile approach has also appealed.  We like to help our customers identify workplace practices or performance issues in need of a reset, or contribute to turning around a lost opportunity.

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